Half of UK psychotherapists reject patients after cases rise 10%, poll shows

Half of UK psychotherapists reject patients after cases rise 10%, poll shows – as three-quarters see patient’s mental health decline Half of UK psychotherapists have stopped seeing new patients, study shows Three-quarters of therapists said they saw a decline in patients’ mental health 90% of patients’ exposed financial concerns were the cause of ill health … Read more

The average cost of heating your home is estimated to increase by $177 or 17% to $1,202 this winter

Average home heating costs are expected to rise dramatically this winter as the effects of inflation under Joe Biden dent America’s wallets. Americans will have to pay $177, about 17 percent, more to heat their homes compared to last winter’s prices, according to the National Energy Assistant Directors Association. This is the highest price homeowners … Read more

DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: How To Manage Depression And Anxiety WITHOUT Medication

The Age of Fear was a term coined in the 1940s to describe the fraught and changed world after the war, but now with the Russian attack on Ukraine, rising energy bills and so much economic uncertainty, it feels like an apt description of our current turbulent times. . The problem is, while mental health … Read more

‘There is no way out of economic oblivion for Putin’: Russia LOSES financial war with the West

Russia is losing its economic war with the West and its economy is in catastrophic and irreversible decline even as it cuts off gas to Europe, a new report says. As panic spreads across Europe over the prospect of gas rationing and rising energy prices, it is in fact Russia that is in trouble, with … Read more