Germany to borrow $200 billion to cover consumers’ energy bills

London CNN Business — The German government has announced plans to borrow €200 billion ($195 billion) to cut off natural gas prices for households and businesses. That’s a higher price tag than the £150 billion ($165 billion) the UK government is expected to borrow to fund its own price cap. Germany, Europe’s largest economy, is … Read more

Nord Stream pipelines: European security officials observed Russian Navy ships near leaks

CNN — European security officials Monday and Tuesday observed Russian Navy support ships near leaks in the Nord Stream pipelines likely caused by underwater explosions, according to two Western intelligence officials and another source familiar with the matter. It’s unclear if the ships had anything to do with those explosions, these sources and others said, … Read more

Leaks from the Nord Stream pipeline in the Baltic Sea cause massive greenhouse gas emissions

The suspected sabotage of the two Nord Stream pipelines is likely to release five times more methane into the atmosphere than the largest greenhouse gas emissions in US history. Most important points: The leaks may have produced the largest burst of powerful methane gas ever A climate scientist says whoever is behind it “should be … Read more

Moscow tries to recruit fleeing Russian men at the border

People walk to the border crossing at Verkhny Lars between Georgia, Soil, and Russia leaving Khmi, North Ossetia-Alania Republic, Russia, on Sept. 28.The Associated Press Long lines of Russians trying to escape the call to fight in Ukraine continued to clog highways out of the country on Wednesday, and Moscow has reportedly set up design … Read more

Jim Chanos Says This Is The Biggest Investment Story No One Is Talking About

Amid all the buzz about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and efforts to curb inflation, investors are largely missing out on a huge story in China, famed short-seller Jim Chanos said on Wednesday. The problems in the Chinese real estate market are a distant third of the war and interest rate hikes designed to contain inflation. … Read more

Russia offers Taliban government in Afghanistan a ‘discount’ on average global commodity prices

The Taliban have signed a preliminary agreement for Russia to supply gasoline, diesel, gas and wheat to Afghanistan, said Haji Nooruddin Azizi, the group’s deputy trade and industry minister. Most important points: Russia does not officially recognize the Taliban government, but Moscow received some of its leaders before the fall of Kabul Since the Taliban … Read more

Satellite images show long queues from Russia as the recruitment center is reportedly located on the border with Georgia

Russian men have already lined up for miles on the borders of several neighboring countries to avoid President Vladimir Putin’s mobilization efforts. Georgia’s interior ministry said more than 53,000 Russians have entered the country since last week, and Kazakhstan said 98,000 have crossed into its territory. The Finnish border agency said more than 43,000 arrived … Read more

Leaks in the Nord Stream pipeline lead to fear of sabotage

The Swedish National Seismic Network said on Tuesday it recorded two explosions near mysterious leaks in the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines, raising concerns about sabotage. Why it matters: The Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines, which are crucial for the supply of Russian natural gas to Germany, have played a central role in … Read more

Kremlin claims victory in controversial referendums in Ukraine paving the way for annexation

Pro-Moscow officials say residents of four occupied territories of Ukraine voted to join Russia in a Kremlin-orchestrated vote that has been dismissed as illegitimate by the US and its Western allies. Most important points: The votes seem to be paving the way for the annexation of the regions in Russia Pro-Russian officials have been accused … Read more

Russia likely to propose major production cut at next OPEC+ meeting

By Julianne Geiger – September 27, 2022, 9:48 am CDT Russia is likely to propose at the next OPEC+ meeting that the group cut 1 million barrels per day of the group’s collective production. Gary Ross: OPEC would need to cut between 500,000 and 1 million barrels of oil per day to keep … Read more