The global oil market is signaling near-term weakness ahead of the EU ban on Russian oil

NEW YORK, Nov 28 (Reuters) – The global oil market is signaling a potential shift as traders and analysts worry about reduced crude oil demand and oversupply in the market in the coming months. After months of strength, crude futures are flirting with lows not seen all year as China, the largest oil consumer, introduces … Read more

Snowy Kiev is struggling with power outages for fear of new attacks

Ukraine is rushing to repair infrastructure hit by Russia Winter starts with an energy shortage of about 20% Party boss says next week could be ‘very difficult’ KYIV, Nov 27 (Reuters) – Snow fell in Kyiv and temperatures hovered around freezing on Sunday, as millions in and around the Ukrainian capital struggled with power supply … Read more

Ukrainians suffer in cold, darkness as the president begs the UN to punish Russia

Power outages widespread as Russia focuses on power grid US: Russia tries to freeze Ukraine into submission Crews are working to restore power and water “We are an unbreakable people,” said President Zelensky WASHINGTON/KYIV, Nov 24 (Reuters) – Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy has urged the United Nations Security Council to act against Russia over airstrikes … Read more

‘Playing with fire’: UN warns as a team to inspect damage to Ukrainian nuclear power plant

IAEA chief warns: ‘You are playing with fire!’ after explosions Russia, Ukraine trade debt for shelling President Zelensky says the eastern region has been hit by heavy artillery ‘Fierce battles’ in the Donetsk region, says Zelensky LONDON/LVIV, Ukraine, Nov 21 (Reuters) – The head of the UN’s nuclear watchdog has warned that whoever fired artillery … Read more

Ukraine Nuclear Power Plant Shot, UN Warns: ‘You’re Playing With Fire!’

According to the IAEA, the factory in Ukraine has been rocked by 12 explosions Plant is controlled by Russian troops Moscow and Kiev accuse each other of shelling “You’re playing with fire!” – IAEA Chief LONDON, Nov 20 (Reuters) – Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, which is under Russian control, was rocked by shelling on … Read more

Oil flows on Druzhba pipeline suspended in parts of Eastern Europe

BUDAPEST/PRAGUE, Nov 15 (Reuters) – Oil supplies to parts of eastern and central Europe via part of the Druzhba pipeline have been temporarily halted, according to oil pipeline operators in Hungary and Slovakia. The extent of the disturbance was not immediately clear and it coincided with an explosion in a village in eastern Poland near … Read more

Ukrainian railways offer symbolic tickets to occupied cities after the liberation of Kherson

KYIV, Nov. 13 (Reuters) – Ukraine’s railways, celebrating the liberation of the southern city of Kherson, on Sunday offered symbolic tickets to the cities that remain under Russian control, promising that tickets can be used after they are liberated. Cheering residents welcomed Ukrainian troops who arrived in central Kherson on Friday after Russia abandoned the … Read more

Brazilian Bolsonaro to break silence and accept defeat, minister says

BRASILIA/SAO PAULO, Nov. 1 (Reuters) – Brazil’s far-right president, Jair Bolsonaro, will not contest his electoral defeat and plans to address the nation later on Tuesday, his communications minister Fabio Faria told Reuters, as a growing number of political allies advised him to give in. Some of Bolsonaro’s hard-core supporters have called for military action … Read more

Norway raises military alert in response to war in Ukraine

Seen hiked readiness that lasts a year could be longer Norway is now Europe’s largest gas supplier Shares a border with Russia in the Arctic OSLO, Oct. 31 (Reuters) – Norway will put its military on an increased level of alertness from Tuesday, shift more personnel to operational duties and strengthen the role of a … Read more

Russia attacks homes in Ukraine, evacuates Kherson, warns of escalation

Rocket hits Mykolaiv . apartment building Ukrainian troops on the offensive in Kherson region Kherson is the gateway to Russia-annexed Crimea Western countries reject Russian ‘dirty bomb’ accusation MYKOLAIV, Ukraine, Oct. 24 (Reuters) – Russia fired missiles and drones at the Ukrainian-occupied southern city of Mykolaiv, destroying an apartment building, saying the war was tending … Read more