Ukraine battles to restore power as millions face blackouts | War news Russia-Ukraine

Ukraine has been scrambling to reconnect water and electricity services for millions of people after a barrage of Russian missiles and drones hit energy infrastructure on Wednesday, leaving nearly 80 percent of the country in the dark. On Thursday evening, more than 24 hours after Russian attacks devastated parts of Kiev, the city’s mayor, Vitali … Read more

Ukrainians suffer in cold, darkness as Zelenskyy begs UN Security Council to punish Russia

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is demanding that the United Nations punish Russia for airstrikes against civilian infrastructure, following a barrage of missiles that plunged cities into icy darkness. With temperatures dropping below 0 degrees Celsius, authorities worked on Thursday to get the lights and heating back on. Russia’s latest missile strikes killed 10 people and … Read more

Low morale is crushing the Russian army and people as the country faces its harshest winter

Russians could be facing one of their worst winters, in a country where December through February sees arctic winds pushing temperatures below zero. While the mercury dips to -7C in Moscow, it can reach -60C at night in Siberia. Nine months after Russia’s war against Ukraine, Vladimir Putin’s initial belief that the army could capture … Read more

Russia can no longer rely on General Winter – POLITICO

Press play to listen to this article Voiced by artificial intelligence. KYIV — He helped defeat Napoleon’s Grande Armée and Hitler’s Wehrmacht. General Winter was always believed to be a close friend of the Russian armed forces. But this year his loyalty is less certain. President Vladimir Putin can no longer count on Russia’s old … Read more

Ukraine invades 1,000-year-old Russian-backed monastery in Kyiv | War news Russia-Ukraine

SBU intelligence says the raid was to investigate suspicions that Russia was using the complex for sabotage and to store weapons. Ukrainian security and police have raided a 1,000-year-old Orthodox Christian monastery in Kiev to counter suspected “subversive activities by Russian special services”. The sprawling Kyiv Pechersk Lavra complex – or the Kyiv Monastery of … Read more

Russia: Firebrand Putin ally Vladimir Solovyov brutally stopped in rare live TV rebuke

One of Vladimir Putin’s commanders-in-chief has been brutally knocked out on his own TV talk show after a guest called his warmongering remarks “obscene.” Vladimir Solovyov is a leading commentator in Russia with his own primetime chat show. Known as “the voice of Putin,” Solovyov has spent much of the war in Ukraine mimicking the … Read more

Biden urged Ukraine to reconsider Ukraine’s request for Gray Eagle drones | War news Russia-Ukraine

A bipartisan group of 16 US senators has asked the Biden administration to carefully reconsider Ukraine’s request for deadly Gray Eagle drones to fight Russia. The Biden administration has so far rejected requests for the Gray Eagle drone, which has an operational ceiling of 8,800 meters (29,000 ft) and can fly for more than 24 … Read more

Boris Johnson claims France was ‘in denial’ before the Russian invasion of Ukraine

London CNN — Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has claimed that France was “in denial” about the prospect of a Russian invasion of Ukraine, accusing the German government of initially preferring a quick Ukrainian military defeat to a protracted conflict. Johnson told CNN’s affiliate network CNN Portugal on Monday that the attitudes of Western … Read more

Gazprom threatens to curb European gas flows through Ukraine

By Tsvetana Paraskova – November 22, 2022, 11:00 am CST Gazprom says it can curb natural gas flows through Ukraine from next Monday. Additional volume reduction would come just as temperatures in Europe drop to seasonal or sub-seasonal levels. Reference gas prices in Europe rose 2% after Gazprom’s announcement on Tuesday. … Read more

Russia resumes Arctic bomber flights, submarine patrols near North America: Norad – National

Russia has begun returning long-range bombers over the Arctic to North American airspace after a brief hiatus during the early months of the war in Ukraine, a senior Canadian military official said. Russian submarines also operate off both coasts as Moscow tries to demonstrate its capability to attack Canada and the United States, the lieutenant … Read more