For doctors on the front lines of Ukraine’s war against Russia, there is little time for breaks

Andrii, a doctor who works in a Ukrainian military hospital near the front lines of the war against Russia, has virtually no time for breaks. Most important points: Andrii, who asked not to publish his last name, moved to the front from Kiev when the war started Russian troops have conquered almost the entire Luhansk … Read more

North Korea and Russia expand ‘bilateral relations’, Putin tells Kim

kim Jong-un predicted that cooperation between Russia and North Korea would grow based on an agreement signed in 2019 when he met Vladimir Putin. North Korea recognized two Russian-backed breakaway “people’s republics” in eastern Ukraine in July as independent states, and officials pointed to the prospect of North Korean workers being sent to the areas … Read more

Feeding the world’s coal addiction is more profitable than ever

The world is gripped by a climate crisis as temperatures rise and rivers dry up, yet it’s never been a better time to make money digging up coal. The shockwaves to the energy market from the Russian invasion of Ukraine mean that the world is only becoming more dependent on the most polluting fuel. And … Read more

Ukraine destroys Russian supply bridges, 20% of ground troops

Ukrainian forces have blown up two primary bridges that Russian forces used to access occupied territory. The country’s top soldier said on Saturday that a fifth of the invading ground forces have been “destroyed” as the conflict approaches its sixth month. The Antonivsy road bridge and the Kherson railway bridge over the Dnipro River were … Read more

Ukraine destroys bridge in Russian-occupied Kherson region as Russia bombs residential areas

The Russian army has stormed residential areas across Ukraine and claims to have made a profit when Ukrainian forces counter-offensed a bridge in the Russian-occupied Kherson region. Most important points: Kramatorsk mayor said three people were killed and another injured in Russian bombing Shelling continued in a town adjacent to Nikopol, a town near the … Read more

Putin is now unlikely to succeed in occupying Ukraine – Wallace

Ben Wallace said the Russian invasion of Ukraine had “bounced” and “started to fail”, while pledging increased financial and military support for the defense of the Eastern European nation. Denmark joined the UK on Thursday in offering more aid to Ukraine at a conference in Copenhagen co-hosted by Mr Wallace. The defense minister said it … Read more

‘No one doubts Ukraine will win – the only question is how long it will last’

There is no room for distant nuance in war. If you want to win, you need your legends. The grimy details, the moral compromises, will be worked out later. That’s one of the reasons why an Amnesty International report released earlier this month accusing the Ukrainian military of endangering civilians with their combat tactics caused … Read more

Ukraine’s nuclear power plant faces ‘burden’, UN warns

Ukraine’s largest nuclear power plant could be on the brink of an “unacceptable” radiation leak amid “highly alarming” military activity, the UN nuclear chief warned this week – when he called for an end to the attacks on the facility. Rafael Grossi, director-general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, on Thursday urged Russia and Ukraine … Read more

Stop revealing our defense plans, Zelensky warns officials

GErhard Schroeder, increasingly mocked in Germany for his pro-Russian views, has filed a lawsuit against Germany’s lower house of parliament seeking to restore his privileges as a former chancellor, DPA reported. Schroeder, 78, was stripped of his right to government-funded office in May, amid growing dismay at his refusal to distance himself from Russian President … Read more

New satellite images show damage at Russian air base in Crimea – National

Satellite photos released on Thursday showed destruction at a Russian air base in Crimea, hit in an attack that suggested Kiev may have received new long-range strikes with the potential to change the course of the war. Photos from independent satellite company Planet Labs showed three nearly identical craters where buildings at Russia’s Saki Air … Read more