How Sri Lanka’s economic collapse is raising alarm bells for other emerging markets

In the 2010s, Sri Lanka had one of the fastest growing economies in Asia. Things took a 180-degree turn at the end of the decade as the country’s economy faltered. In May 2022, the government defaulted on its debts for the first time in history. As inflation continued to spiral out of control, with a … Read more

Why the Best States for Business Might Be the Worst for Employees

Companies are not afraid to pick up and move. Many states offer companies tempting incentives such as lower taxes if they relocate their operations, but a superior business environment does not always equate to a superior work environment. “Things that benefit employers when it comes to their profit or their margin, in terms of economic … Read more

How the Federal Reserve is fighting inflation through rate hikes

Top officials at the Federal Reserve saw inflation data coming in very hot for months before policymakers began to taper monetary policy that stimulated the economy. A chorus of analysts, economists and former policymakers chimed in, saying it was a mistake. “Forward guidance generally slowed the Fed’s response to the inflation problem,” former Federal Reserve … Read more