Europe’s anti-American itch – POLITICO

Press play to listen to this article Voiced by artificial intelligence. BERLIN — It has turned cold in Europe, the economy is collapsing and the natives are getting restless. There is only one answer: blame America. Pointing across the Atlantic has long been a favored diversionary tactic for Europe’s political elites when things start to … Read more

Russia rains missiles on Ukraine’s nuclear power plants

A barrage of Russian missiles has forced the shutdown of six nuclear plants at a time when Ukraine’s energy infrastructure has already suffered significant damage, threatening Ukrainians with blackouts and a cold winter. Russia stepped up attacks on Wednesday, targeting and destroying critical facilities, including energy infrastructure that has led to Ukraine’s worst blackout to … Read more

Russia can no longer rely on General Winter – POLITICO

Press play to listen to this article Voiced by artificial intelligence. KYIV — He helped defeat Napoleon’s Grande Armée and Hitler’s Wehrmacht. General Winter was always believed to be a close friend of the Russian armed forces. But this year his loyalty is less certain. President Vladimir Putin can no longer count on Russia’s old … Read more

Brussels’ uphill battle to seize Russian assets – POLITICO

The European Commission is exploring legal options to seize Russian state and private property as a way to pay for Ukraine’s reconstruction, according to a document seen by POLITICO. The goal would be to “identify ways to strengthen the tracing, identification, freezing and management of assets as preparatory steps for potential confiscation,” the document said. … Read more

Suspected drone strike blows up fuel depot deep in Russian territory

While all eyes were on the Polish border blast and the ensuing back and forth of who was responsible, a separate major attack unfolded Wednesday in southern Russia near the border with Ukraine. Russian authorities described a suspected drone attack after a fuel depot exploded. It took place in Oryol Oblast, about 200 kilometers from … Read more

Russia will lose the energy war Putin started – POLITICO

Agathe Demarais is the global forecasting director at the Economist Intelligence Unit. Her new book on the effects of US sanctions, “Backfire,” is out next week. Russia has turned the energy supply into an economic weapon. The strategy is clear in Ukraine, where Russian drones and missiles are bombing power plants. But it’s also evident … Read more

Biden Says Russia Pulls Out of ‘Fallujah’ in Latest Brazen Blunder

In an ugly Freudian slip on Wednesday, President Biden inadvertently said that Russian troops were withdrawing from “Fallujah” as he planned to refer to the city of Kherson in southeastern Ukraine. Biden’s latest blunder came after Russian armed forces leader Sergey Surovikinon announced he had ordered his troops to withdraw from one of the few … Read more

Wheat roller coaster week. What happens now?

You may have gotten seasick watching global wheat prices this week, with many ups and downs driven by Black Sea news. The Chicago wheat market benchmark (CBOT) rose about 70 cents early in the week after reports that Russia had pulled out of a UN-brokered grain deal in response to a Ukrainian drone strike in … Read more

Should we have predicted Black Swan events like COVID and the war in Ukraine? Where will the next crisis come from?

Who Predicted the 2008 Global Financial Crash? COVID? The war in Ukraine? Of course some did. Hollywood gave us a taste of a global respiratory pandemic in the 2011 film Contagion. Some economists saw the breakup of the financial markets and the ensuing recession long before it happened. And we should all have seen Vladimir … Read more

Don’t let Russia win, warns US NATO chief

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has a message for US Republicans who make election promises to cut Ukraine’s support: That will only make China more powerful. Stoltenberg emphasized his point this week in a lengthy interview with POLITICO, in which the chief of the military alliance argued for a long-term US presence in Europe and … Read more