The Block: Teams clash over small budgets

Tensions have boiled over on The Block over Sharon and Ankur’s alleged “austerity” as the teams struggle with dwindling funds for two weeks towards the end.

With $25,000 to play with this week, scour to complete, and trades to pay, stress levels are high, with House 4’s Jenny and House 2’s Rachel targeting Sharon and Ankur and Oz and Omar.

Ultimately, a tense legal entity finds all five teams turn against foreman Keith as they wonder how to present a room with such a tight wallet.

During home visits, the teams were struck by what Sharon and Ankur managed to do in their overtime room, after installing a huge mirror despite being “cut off” from spending by The block host Scott Cam.

“I’m confused here too, right. There is no money, apparently there is absolutely no money, so where did that mirror come from?” Rachel said when she saw their living room.

Elsewhere, she added to the producers: “What really got me going was walking into house three that has apparently gone so far over budget and seeing stuff that I know cost money… So anything you you might think is, why should we stick to one rule, when different rules seem to apply in other houses.”

Jenny repeated: “I thought once you get cut off, your card is taken and you get really cut off, you can’t really end up. I don’t want them to be finished, but I think if it’s fair, we could have gone and, I don’t know, 50, 80,000, whatever they spent, and then still presented rooms the way they did.

Jenny was especially annoyed that she and fiancé Dylan, who are both traditional, did so much of the work themselves.

“I’m just confused that everyone is doing things with no budget,” she said, confronting Sharon and Ankur about their agreement, where Scotty doubles their monthly budget every week to repay their $53,000 debt.

Sharon and Ankur were shocked by the friction and reminded the others of the extravagant mention of Oz and Omar promising a helipad and tennis court that are yet to be completed.

Jenny turned on the boys, admitting she was “excited” by the information.

“Oh, how can you pay for everything you do?” she asked.

“I’m just pissed we can’t fucking do anything,” she said furiously.

“We’ve worked, toiled every day, tried to get over budget, and I just don’t know how everyone is doing.”

“We work as hard as you do,” Oz replied, disagreeing with Jenny.

“No, but you don’t, I feel like you guys are always driving around.”

Surprised, Oz hit back, “You can’t see… Are you at our house every day?

“Every bit of demo that’s happened at our house, Oz and I have done,” Omar weighed.

“During the day when our chippies do, we don’t have to do much.”

“Dyl and I have done a lot of the little work, and we’re still in the red heaps,” argued Jenny when it became clear that all five teams are in fact in debt.

“We are also still in the red, everyone is in the red,” Omar revealed, with Oz agreeing that they must “make a greater sacrifice as they have to split their winnings.

“You must understand that me and Omar sacrifice more than you. You don’t share the money, we share the money. I take half to my family, he takes half to his family.”

Laughing at how quickly things escalated, Jenny joked: “I have a feeling there’s going to be a brawl in a minute. We’re all like a bunch of hyenas.

“I feel like I’m going to headbutt someone,” she laughed at the producers.

With their money problems coming to a business meeting, the concerns of the participants fell on deaf ears, with foreman Keith sticking tightly to the $25,000 budget for the week.

“Maybe you’re just too exorbitant with your designs,” he said as the teams shook their heads and moaned that the meeting was a waste of time.

As the end approaches, all five properties are still in need of landscaping, wondering if anyone can afford to complete.

The Block will continue on Tuesday evening from 7.30 pm on channel 9

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