The British people have been attacked, imprisoned and broken into by the state that must serve us, says Mark Dolan

Well done everyone. Britain is now in the throes of arguably the worst financial crisis since World War II. But how did it happen?

The war debt we built up between 1938 and 1945 was because German bombs rained down over London and our other major cities. Hitler, the worst monster in history, rampaged through Europe, with his territorial ambitions, and the United Kingdom next.

Fascism threatened our very existence, and that of the free world. A pretty solid justification for expanding the national debt. So what happened this time? A few bad flu seasons, with a coronavirus no different from previous respiratory illnesses, whose average death toll was over, which is actually above the age of life expectancy in this country.

Nasty virus for sure and a tragedy for those we lost, but an insect that doesn’t kill almost everyone, we shut down the economy for two years, closed schools, covered people’s faces and borrowed half a trillion pounds. Half a trillion. Let that sink in.

Mark Dolan

Mark Dolan

You’ll never get over how colossal that figure is. Wouldn’t THAT be useful to help people with their energy bills, right now.

And to give you a taste of the sheer madness of it, and it was all insane, including paying healthy people to stay at home and closing thousands of once-viable businesses, we had the testing and tracing system, which the cervix frees leader of the opposition, Keir Starmer pleaded for months.

It cost £34 billion and it didn’t work, because when cases reach a certain level, you can no longer track, or shut in and isolate, a disease like this. No sugar sherlock.

Our disastrously arrogant, underappreciated, ill-conceived, non-evidence-based attempt to stop a respiratory virus—something never attempted before in human history—could be forgiven, had they done it for a few weeks.

They did it for two and a half years. And here we are. Yes, countries around the world also had lockdowns, which has led to supply chain problems and thus inflation.

And the old Vladimir has not helped, with his invasion of Ukraine, which has increased the cost of grains, cooking oil and energy.

But the real smoking weapon is in Whitehall, and the crime, printing hundreds of billions of pounds of empty money. I know the world has gone mad, and men are women, and women are men these days. But even economists have become separated from reality. As fat as pig professors and economic so-called experts. told me on this show, and on my radio show before that, that this borrowing was cost neutral, that the interest rates were so low, it almost gave us loan money.

They said the real challenge was to get over this virus and now they are eating their words. While obvious, there will be no words of remorse or apology from these people. They are impudent. And now we are faced with so many problems. Unemployment, which has thankfully been low, is expected to rise by as much as a million. Double digit inflation could be with us for another 12 months. And we are predicted to be in a recession, not for a few weeks, or a few months – but a year and a quarter.

The illiberal and frankly communist style experiment of lockdowns has created the first man-made recession in history. Probably in response to a man-made virus. A year ago, that sentence would have dropped you.

Now the people silently nod in agreement. A hundred brave Tory MPs have been the only voices of discord over the course of this – heroes like Steve Baker and Mark Harper who have put their careers on the line to say this is madness. They should be the ones competing for the keys to number 10, not Sunak or Truss. These two sat idly by and nodded through all this madness, led by the supposedly freedom-loving Boris Johnson, as they sat around the cabinet table.

The British people have suffered a crime and are now waking up to the consequences. We’ve been attacked, we’ve been locked up, and we’ve been broken into. By a state that has been forgotten, it is there to serve the US. And British kids, who aren’t even born yet, will come in with the bill. And we could DO, with some of that half a trillion, NOW, to address the cost of a loving crisis, which is the cost of a lockdown crisis.

That’s a lot of numbers, isn’t it. That’s such a big figure that it would make Carol Vorderman excited.

Well, we are now counting down to the catastrophe. I know it’s the other girl now, but it works better with Vorderman. You can find my record of resistance to this, dating back to March 2020. It’s all on Twitter, take a look. But it’s about where we’re going, when we’re faced, what a hellish economic storm will be, that really matters.

We must pray for a negotiated peace settlement between Vladimir Putin and Volodymyr Zelensky. We need to tackle the monster of inflation, the stealth tax that hurts us all. We need to cut down the magic money tree and live within our means again, pay off our debts and boost economic output. The ultimate goal should be a low-tax, productive economy that seizes the freedom Brexit has to offer.

Liz Truss can defeat the poisonous, divisive scourge of hard-left wakeism, says Mark Dolan

We need a lean, mean economy, where you can make something of your life and where it pays to work. And we must learn from the seismic flaw of the covid measures – all of which – masks, plastic screens, bubbles, lockdowns, distancing – will be laughed at by future generations. “What the hell were they thinking?” they will cry.

You will hear about new variants, and new viruses of course, with big Pharma providing the answer. I don’t care, next time it’s the bubonic plague, you give the public the information they need, and let them act accordingly.

You’re not closing schools, closing businesses, prescribing drugs, borrowing billions, or stopping people from seeing, caring for, or even burying their loved ones. There will be sirens for more Covid measures, in the winter months, as cases increase. I can’t imagine many people taking it seriously now. I won’t wear such a filthy, worthless mask again.

As commentator James Melville points out this week, there are now three billion in the sea.

Well done everyone. Three billion. Another large number.

There are so many masks in the sea. Not biodegradable, killing wildlife, penetrating fish and thus ultimately into the food chain. We used to wear the masks, now we eat them. Nice.

The suggestion, of more economically damaging Covid restrictions, will be a sick joke for those who are shivering in their homes this fall and winter, wearing two coats, because they can’t afford to turn on the heating, to decide how often they can afford to put the kettle on that day.

In March 2020, a generation of politicians, so-called scientific experts, woke up, virtue signaling doctors and bullying broadcasters and journalists, took us by the hand and led us to hell. Amazingly, they are still on television and still on the radio, lamenting a crisis THEY have caused.

They shouldn’t be on television or on the radio. They should hide. Never forgive and never forget. As we brace ourselves for a year of economic hell that will affect our health, our lives, our livelihoods and our future, this is the biggest thing I’ve told you in history. Never again.

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