This RTX 3060 gaming laptop deal for under $1,000 turns garbage into treasure

If you’re looking for a decent gaming laptop with good specs for a good price, the Gigabyte G5 is a great choice. Right now you can get the Gigabyte G5 at Newegg for $899 (opens in new tab)a 30% savings, or $400† This is a big discount that probably won’t show up anytime soon.

The best gaming laptops are a great way to get started with PC gaming because they require no assembly and can be carried around the house or even outside. If you’re not particularly savvy about computers, a gaming laptop is a perfect start, and Amazon Prime Day deals like these are a great place to start.

The retail price is a bit high for the specs as you won’t be getting the very latest technology in but with this sale it’s more than worth investing in as it can run almost all the best PC games in your Steam library without many problems (with some adjustments to the settings of course).

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Today’s best Gigabyte G5 Prime Day deals

Judging by its retail price, the Gigabyte G5 is an average gaming laptop that is rather expensive for its specs. It rocks an Nvidia RTX 3060 with an Intel Core i5, which isn’t bad technology at all, but the processor is a last-gen Intel chip, so it’s a bit slower than some of the best processors you’ll find in a laptop right now. can get . This also means you’re also dealing with the latest generation DDR4 RAM, so while the laptop isn’t too expensive, you could definitely find something better for the retail price.

However, with the 30% discount, the Gigabyte G5 suddenly becomes one of the best cheap gaming laptops out there – or at least while this deal lasts. Quality qaming laptops under $1,000 have been hard to come by for the past two years, especially ones that rock an RTX instead of a GTX GPU. And with the former, you can rest assured that most of the Steam library can be played on higher settings while maintaining a stable framerate.

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Wherever you live, you’ll find the lowest prices for the Gigabyte G5 from all over the web here, with deals available in your area.

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