Tony Khan on the possibility of an AEW vs. WWE Supershow

Tony Khan has discussed the possibility of WWE and AEW working together for a future event following the success of AEW’s partnership with NJPW. Khan told The Ringer’s “The Masked Man Show”, “I’m not sure if that’s going to happen, but I’d be open to talking about that sort of thing”, adding: “It’s not crazy, but it’s a bold prediction, sir.” Check out some more highlights from the interview below (per Wrestling Inc.):

On the infamous “booking sheet,” he was seen standing on the sidelines for a 2021 Jacksonville Jaguars game: “What the falls became where trios match, there was a singles match with Christian Cage and Adam Cole that we ended up having.” Jon Moxley and Bryan Danielson definitely became a match we had at Revolution and then a long-term direction for the company, but we weren’t able to have that match because Jon had to get better and go to treatment and got weeks away from the company. Now he’s doing the best work of his career.”

“At the end of last year, it’s crazy to think that Chris Jericho was out with a blood clot and was actually stuck in England and couldn’t fly back,” Khan continued, “And it ended up being the best thing that ever happened to the Chris’ career and one of the best things that happened in AEW because Chris came back better than ever and looking better than ever… We’ve never seen this Jericho in AEW, which is scary.”

On plans for the new AEW All-Atlantic Championship currently being held by PAC: “PAC is going back to England, he is back in England now. And he’s going to defend the title internationally… It’s a traveling championship, because the champions of AEW, because of TV commitments, all the other champions we’ve booked here all year, let’s have a champion who can defend the title. Thunder Rosa has also talked about defending the Women’s World Championship abroad, which I am also open to.”

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