Tourists Jessy Dewildeman and Wibe Bijls killed in Rome during hit-and-run

The brother of a woman who was murdered along with her boyfriend while the couple was on vacation in Rome has revealed a tragic twist in the death of his sibling.

Jessy Dewildeman, 24, and Wibe Bijls, 25, were involved in a collision while on holiday in the Italian capital after a car hit them on a highway.

According to local media, the car was illegally driven by a 40-year-old man who reportedly fled the crime scene on foot, leaving the injured women on the street. It is known that the two women got out of their car to help victims of a previous crash before being hit themselves.

Mrs. Bijls’ brother revealed that his sister was actually 16 weeks pregnant, and her death comes just a year after their father died in an accident.

‘She was in the sixteenth week. She was willing to help even those she didn’t know: that says a lot about Wise’s character,” said Mrs. Bijls’ brother, adding that their mother had died of cancer seven years earlier.

Tribute on social media for the couple, saying the accident is “incomprehensible”.

Incomprehensible… it was not to be. You will be missed, Jessy Dewildeman & Wibe Bijls,” someone wrote on Facebook.

“Waking up like this is the worst I can imagine,” added another.

“I wouldn’t wish on anyone to lose two people you knew from when you were a child horribly. Either way too young to go, you will be missed.”

According to the media, an investigation by the traffic police of Rome is now underway.

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