Update on several wrestlers who have been absent from RAW and Smackdown lately

Fightful Select has updates on several WWE wrestlers who have been absent from RAW and Smackdown lately, including Kevin Owens and Lacey Evans.

Owens was missing from this week’s RAW and hasn’t appeared much since Money in the Bank. Some questioned his absence, especially since he is seen as a “Triple H-man”. Fans expected him to be more spotlighted as a result of taking over from Triple H. Owens is uninjured and plans are currently underway for him. Triple H was in charge of NXT when Owens was signed and gave him a huge boost for the brand. He was also paired up with Owens on screen when he was Universal Champion.

Lacey Evans was pulled from the July 29 episode of Smackdown, where she would face Aliyah. She was told not to repeat. The truth is, there are currently no creative plans for her. Her name was not discussed for last night’s glove contest. Evans is said to be a “personal favorite” of Vince McMahon, who was hands-on and worked directly with her. However, her return this year would be “chaotic and directionless.”

Omos has not been on RAW in several orphaned areas, but still travels with WWE and is managed by MVP. He had a match with Ezekiel on Monday’s Main Event taping.

There are several other talents in the same position as they wait to determine their direction with Triple H at the helm. Several have had individual encounters with Triple H.

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