Vaccination appointments for Monkeypox are filling up fast in DC

July 6, 2020 — As monkeypox cases rise across the country, at least one location is struggling to meet vaccine demand.

The District of Columbia reported 53 cases Tuesday, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

DC Health has opened two clinics that offer monkey pox vaccinations by appointment. The available appointments will fill up as soon as they become available, reports WJLA.

DC Health tweeted Tuesday that all appointments were scheduled. The website shared the same message, adding, “Check DC Health’s social platforms or sign up below to get updates on the availability of additional appointments.”

The number of cases in Washington is nearly 10 percent of the total number of cases reported in the country on Tuesday: 557.

California had the most, with 111. New York had 96.

Monkeypox is a viral disease in the same family as smallpox, although the symptoms are usually not as severe. Scientists have known about it since 1958, when it was found in laboratory monkeys used for research. Monkeypox is most common in Central and West Africa. But in May 2022, health officials began reporting an outbreak of the virus in several regions outside Africa.

Here’s how it spreads:

  • Contact with body fluids such as blood or semen; lesions on the skin, including the inside of the nose and mouth
  • Respiratory Drops
  • Less frequently items that have been touched by infected bodily fluids, such as bedding or clothing
  • Scratches or bites from infected animals
  • Eating uncooked contaminated meat.

While it is not technically a sexually transmitted disease, it is sometimes transmitted sexually, especially between males.

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