Vitamin D ‘overdose’ warning after man was hospitalized for excessive intake | british news

Doctors have warned people not to take too many vitamin D supplements after a man needed eight days of hospitalization for taking an overdose.

The middle-aged man had been experiencing symptoms such as vomiting, nausea and leg cramps for three months when his doctor referred him to hospital for treatment.

According to BMJ Case Reports magazine, symptoms started about a month after he started an intensive vitamin supplement regimen.

He also suffered from tinnitus, dry mouth, weight loss, increased thirst and diarrhea.

Doctors said the condition of overdose — called hypervitaminosis D — is on the rise, but is still uncommon.

The man’s daily regimen included more than 20 over-the-counter supplements.

As part of this, he took 50,000 mg of vitamin D – the daily requirement is 600 mg.

Tests showed that his vitamin D level was seven times the required level and that his body had high levels of magnesium and calcium. His kidneys were also not working properly.

Intravenous fluids were used to flush his system and he was given drugs to lower the excess calcium in his blood.

But two months after his discharge from the hospital, the vitamin D levels in his body were still higher than necessary.

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The report’s authors said that “there is a growing trend of hypervitaminosis D worldwide,” but emphasized that this was just one case.

The NHS website says “Some people will not make enough vitamin D from sunlight because they have very little or no sun exposure”.

It recommends that adults and children over the age of four can take a daily supplement of 10 mg of vitamin D year-round if they are not often outdoors, are in a facility such as a care home, or usually wear clothes that cover most of their body. covered. skin when you are outside.

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