Volte farce? Mini-Budget Climb Down Joins List of Other Spectacular U-Turns | Economic policy

So the Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, has given up on almost all the measures announced by his predecessor Kwasi Kwarteng – a spectacular “sight” rarely seen in public life.

So where? is doing it’s in the pantheon of embarrassing U-turns?

Here are some other “hall of famers” – from politics, the arts, and business.

It was all a bad dream: Bobby Ewing’s return to Dallas

Patrick Duffy as Bobby Ewing in Dallas.
Patrick Duffy as Bobby Ewing in Dallas. Photo: Ronald Grant

How Liz Truss must have wanted to take a leaf out of this book. Bobby Ewing (played by Patrick Duffy) was one of the most popular characters on the long-running American soap opera Dallas.

Killing him in the last episode of the 1984-1985 season turned out to be a big mistake – so the writers decided to bring him back at the end of the next season.

When he appeared in a now-famous shower scene, his death and all the events that followed were attributed to a bad dream of his former wife, Pam.

New Coke

Coca-Cola bottles
Original taste. Photo: George Frey/Getty Images

In another 80s blunder, executives at The Coca-Cola Company decided to mess with a 99-year-old recipe loved the world over, fearing its rival Pepsi-Cola had a tastier product.

In April 1985, a sweeter, tastier new cola was launched with much fanfare. One executive called it “the surest move ever,” while another said, “I’ve never been more sure of a decision than the one we’re announcing today.”

A total of 79 days — and 8,000 daily complaints — later, the old recipe came back from the vault with a fawning “sorry.”

Bill Clinton: ‘I had no sexual relations with that woman’

Bill Clinton addresses the media at the White House in 1999.
Bill Clinton addresses the media at the White House in 1999. Photo: Reuters

Yes he did. In 1998, Bill Clinton boldly and sharply claimed that he “had no sexual relations with that woman,” his young intern Monica Lewinsky.

Of course he lied and after months of closing the walls he was forced to admit the truth in a White House speech that he “sinned”.

Fortunately for Clinton, this was the 90s and he was the US president, so most of the ridicule was centered on 24-year-old Lewinsky, who was then struggling to land a conventional job as a result of her fame.

The damned united

Brian Clough (left) with his Leeds side before taking on Liverpool in the 1974 Charity Shield.
Brian Clough (left) with his Leeds side before taking on Liverpool in the 1974 Charity Shield. Photo: PA Photos/PA

When Don Revie moved from Leeds United to England in 1977, he had left big shoes behind. To the club’s directors, Brian Clough, who had skillfully guided Derby to a strong side, seemed confident he would extend Leeds’ streak of cup-winning glory.

However, Clough immediately insulted the tight-knit group of players by insinuating that they had bullied their way to medals and, after some disastrous results culminating in a draw with the low-ranking Luton in front of a crowd of just 26,450, Clough was fired 44 days later.

The Village Ninjas of Center Parcs

The Queen's casket is in state in Westminster Hall.
The Queen’s casket is in state in Westminster Hall. Photo: Carl Court/AFP/Getty Images

While it feels like years ago, it’s only been a month since the middle-class nirvana Center Parcs issued a decree after the Queen’s death that all families who booked to stay in accommodation on the day of the funeral had to find alternative arrangements with a notice period of only a few days.

Pancetta fueled tumult and lots of funny memes followed by a quick turnaround 24 hours later.

Good luck removing guests from the parks. You trained them in archery, shooting, swimming, canoeing and swinging through the trees like monkeys. You actually have 5 village loads of ninjas to clear up.

— SpersJR (@Frantically2) September 13, 2022

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